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I take safety of my clients very seriously so I follow a colour skin testing policy in my salon for the safety and peace of mind of my clients.


I offer 2 different ways to do skin testing to give more options but all in all we want the same outcome to keep you safe.

Skin Testing for Sensitivity and Reactions


The 2 tests I offer are to check the suitability for colouring products I provide you can use either:

1. Colourstart Passport (MHRA APPROVED METHOD)

Colourstart passport has been registered and approved by the MHRA (Medicines and healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

Colourstart is a clean convenient way to screen for potential allergy to one of the chemicals (PPD) found in most hair colours. Colourstart contains a small amount of PPD, it works by exposing the skin to the PPD in the test. You are able register on the Colourstart website on the top menu and has even more information , you can buy through the Salon Love Shop.


You can then create your passport. The price of the test is £15.00 you can buy them in salon or online .When you register you will answer the screening questions you must apply your Colourstart patch following the instructions in the video below. You can upload your results to your online passport. Please share you results with myself (I am registered with Colourstart).

Once you have created your passport and also completed your first test, certain colour treatments will require you to answer the screening questions - testing with a Colourstart test may not be necessary unless something changes. For confidentiality your Colourstart passport are stored securely for your records. For more information about the Colourstart passport please head to the Colourstart passport menu which will take you straight to the website. 

2) Allery Alert Testing (AAT) 

Whether it’s your first visit at the salon or if it is been 6 months since your last colour or AAT, we must make you an appointment for a AAT 48 hours before your colour service.


Firstly I remove earrings, then behind the ear using a cotton-bud to apply a little of the colour product to cover an area 1 to 2cm (e.g the size of a small coin). I may re-apply 2 or 3 times allowing it to dry. Then you must leave for 48hours (without washing, covering or touching).

If during the course of this period you notice any abnormal reactions such as intense reddening, itching or swelling in or around the test area please contact me as I will be unable to colour your hair. If you develop symptoms that make you unwell please contact a medical professional.

I’ve added a video of a how to do video for the colour start passport which is below

I’d like to thank you for your support and co-operation in my procedures before your colour service.

Colour Skin Testing Policy

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